Less than a week left….

Less than a week left peoples!! We will soon be leaving our families and our home countries to embark on a 10 month journey that will probably change our lives FOREVER.

Scary? Yes. 

Pointless? No.

Are we crazy? You bet!!


Map of the Sushilanders Members

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Still working out the bugs.  But it will at one point have it’s own page, which you’ll be able to access from the website directory at the top of the page.  It will be centered in Japan, at some point. I hope

And if you scroll the map over to Japan you’ll see a picture of a bunny.

EDIT: Shoot the map isn’t showing.  I’ll get back to work on it in amoment


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47 days peoples! 47 DAYS! We will be in Japan, not fitting in, in 47 days! I don’t think we can even start to imagine how much this experience going to effect our lives.

There are any things I am particularly looking forward too. Meeting my host family, going to a Japanese school, seeing what it is like to live in another county.

I’m sure we have all met each other on facebook already, but if you are a year exchange student and are not on this list, feel free to introduce yourself and youwill be added.

  • Anji (YFU Germany)
  • Astri (YFU Norway)
  • Beck (YFU Australia)
  • Colin (YFU America)
  • Elisabeth (YFU Estonia)
  • Hien (YFU Norway)
  • Ida (YFU Finland)
  • Jess (YFU Netherlands)
  •  Katja (YFU Finland)
  • Maia (YFU Estonia)
  • Skye (YFU Australia)
  • Sunniva (YFU Norway)